Favourite Podcasts to Edit To

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Hey all! Hope you're doing well and staying cozy this blustery Saturday!

I'm currently sitting in a cafe this morning, trying to pass the time while my house has a showing. If you didn't know, the house I'm renting is up for sale. It was a bit of a surprise as I've really enjoyed my time in this little home, but I've come to accept the possible move. Actually, I have to remember to be careful with what I manifest, because the last few months I've been welcoming more adventure into my life. So here's the push, I guess. :)

I'm waiting to find out what happens to the house before seriously looking for a new place. I'm trying to leave it in the hands of the universe, and let everything happen organically. I am putting van vibes out there though, so if you're reading this and are selling or know of someone who is selling a camper van, hit me up! 

OK, on to PODCASTS. I love 'em. I try to listen to them often. I find insight and inspiration with them, and then some are just for fun. They are great for a long car ride, editing photos, cleaning the house, etc. 

Here is a list of my favourites and why:

1. From The Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl

Pretty much anyone who knows me knows that I love Rachel. I have followed her journey for many years now, and found tons of inspiration through her posts on Instagram. I even had the pleasure of meeting her and doing photos for her at the beginning of this year. I love this podcast, as she has a variety of guests on the show from musician Trevor Hall (who I'm seeing in November) to vegan public speaker James Aspey. She shares her personal stories, which I find so relatable no matter what she's talking about. 

2. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

I think this was the first podcast I had really listened to. I also LOVE Elizabeth Gilbert. I read her book Eat, Pray, Love when I was in high school, and really took those teachings to heart. I probably credit her for bringing me to live in Costa Rica to be honest. If you live a creative life, this is a podcast for you. A must listen to for a source of inspiration, no matter what you do.

3. Beauty Inside Out with Kimberly Snyder

Another one of the first podcasts I'd listened to, Kimberly is a holistic nutritionist "to the stars". She interviews "today’s top health, wellness and spirituality pioneers, authors, Ayurvedic and western doctors, artists and entrepreneurs to yoginis, spiritualists, and world-class vegan athletes."

4. Conscious Conversations: Chloe's Countertop Podcast

Chloe, also a holistic nutritionist, is a Vancouver native and intuitive. I've written a blog post on lovely Chloe, as I had the pleasure of photographing her a few times this year. I love her podcast as she uses her vulnerability and the vulnerably of others in order to create more consciousness around anxieties, body image, and plant based nutrition. 

5. A Beautiful Mess: Steph Yu

This lovely friend of mine I first met over two years ago at a vegan potluck she held in Vancouver. It was my first time in Vancouver and I took the bus, ferry, and another bus to get there from the Sunshine Coast. Fast forward a couple of years, I met Steph again to do photos for her on her 21st birthday. Since then she has started this awesome, raw, authentic podcast. I admire Steph with how honest she is with her journey. She has definitely been a source of inspiration for me. You should also follow her Instagram, as I'm loving her daily quotes or her instatories.

6. Hay House Meditations

Lousie Hay was an amazing woman who wrote the book You Can Heal Your Life, along with any others. This podcast has a list of meditations and talks, some great, some OK. My favourite one is Louise Hay's Morning Meditation. I love listening to this beautiful morning meditation to start my day.

7. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

This one is my "fun" podcast. I'm a Harry Potter nerd, so naturally, I love this podcast. It actually takes a really cool view on the books, as each podcast episode correlates with a chapter in the book as they "explore themes such as commitment, revenge and forgiveness." A really great podcast for a 'conscious' HP lover. 

Bonus: Terrible, Thanks For Asking 

I just started this podcast last night! "This is a funny/sad/uncomfortable podcast about talking honestly about our pain, our awkwardness, and our humanness, which is not an actual word." I think I'm going to like this one.

Pauline Holden