Aruban Adventures

Around Christmas/New Years of this year, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Aruba to visit friends and explore this stunning Caribbean island. 

After many flights, and delayed connections (12 hr overnight delay stuck in an airport on Christmas Eve to be exact...) I traveled from Vancouver - Dallas - Charlotte - Aruba. I arrived to the island on Christmas Day to see my beautiful friends Jenn and Sarah, and Sarah's parents and uncle.

I used to live with Sarah and Jenn back in Kingston, Ontario and this was my first time seeing them since I moved to the West Coast about 1.5 yrs ago. We picked up exactly where we left off and I am so blessed to call them some of my best friends. Also so grateful to Sarah's amazing family for having me come on their vacation! xo!

For those who don't know, Aruba is a very small Dutch Caribbean Island off the coast of Argentina. This was my first time on the island and along with seeing my fiends and getting in some much needed beach time, I was so excited to check out Island Yoga, the home of Rachel Brathen (AKA Yoga Girl) who I have followed and looked up to for inspiration for many years now.

I was drawn to Rachel as soon as I found her Instagram, about 5 years ago. She had recently lost one of her best friends in Coast Rica around the same time I had lost someone very close to me, also in Costa Rica. Many similarities had me following her journey and writings, pretty much on a daily basis. 

When I found out I was going on this vacation I immediately wrote Rachel to see if we might be able to connect during my visit, and offered to do photos for her or any of her businesses/non-profits. Amazingly, I heard back from the studio inviting me to photograph the opening of their brand new yoga studio on New Years Day. Honestly, the whole experience was almost out-of-body and definitely a dream come true.

I dedicate a big part to the start my business to this trip, as I knew right away that this - photographing people and organizations with a conscious and mindful life - is what I want to do. It fills me up with passion and love, and all I want to do is spread it and share it with others.

Other highlights from the trip (not necessarily photographed) include SUP Yoga, Jeep Tour, beach time, 108 Sun Salutations on New Years day, hanging out at Island Yoga, getting my photos printed in the local Aruban newspaper, and just being with my loves who I'd missed so much!

I hope you enjoy these two weeks of highlight photos from my trip!