Cascara Botanics + Gifts - Personal Branding Session

I feel like it’s every photographers dream to do a whole shoot with the focus being on flowers! I’m one lucky gal to have created a branding shoot for Cascara Botanics + Gifts in the beautiful Gibsons Public Market. Owners Lisa and Phil are the dynamic duo who create the most unique and modern florals I’ve seen in a while, a much needed addition to the Sunshine Coast! They also have an amazing and equally talented florist, Bria, working for them as well. Their shop is filled with the cutest gift ideas, including small plants, pottery, and jewelry. I would highly recommend them for your event and wedding needs, as well as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. I am so excited to see their business grow, and for more and more people to discover how amazing this Sunshine Coast, BC brand is!

For this Branding Shoot, I really wanted to highlight Lisa and Phils RAD vibe. After chatting with them and seeing their filled out Branding Questionnaire I sent to all of my clients, I wanted to create a creative, unique, moody, and artistic session for them, as their brand is very much all of that and more. With the help of some beautiful lighting, great props, and a little help from my trusty prism, I was able to create these photos which are uniquely theirs.