Emily - Boudoir Studio Session

The much anticipated blog post of my in-home studio session with Emily is here!

I’ve always had a deep love for boudoir sessions. I started out taking boudoir photos of my girlfriends for them for fun, and that’s when my love of these sessions really started to grow. I have such a deep appreciation for the beauty of our bodies and how expressive they can be. I love to play with shadows and light, and help bring out a new side to my subject. The more I do these sessions, the more freedom I feel to explore a unique and artistic side to my work.

Huge thank you to Emily, whom I’d wanted to work with for a while. Because it had been a while since I directed a boudoir shoot, Emily was a dream to work with as she is so professional, and knows her body/angles so well. Thank you for reinstating my confidence as a boudoir photographer! Can’t wait to shoot with you again Em. xx