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We are visual creatures and we respond to images far more strongly than anything else. Having a strong visual brand with images that help grow your like, know, trust factor are going to make it easier for people to want to book you.

Almost everyone I talk to tells me that the one thing holding them back from success the most is not having professional photos that represent their brand.

Even more so, they often don’t have the time to invest in taking their own photos for social media content.

That’s where I come in. I am a self-proclaimed expert in Personal Brand Photography and in capturing your custom brand story to share and use anywhere online.

Think of some of your favourite online influencers you admire or love on Instagram. I always say comparison is the thief of joy, but I’d like you to compare your feed to theirs. I can just about guarantee that those major brands or Influencers all have something in common: consistent high quality imagery. I want that for you too!


why is brand photography so important?



Personal brand photography will improve engagement and support what you have to say and offer the world. Images that transparently showcase who you are and what you do, will bring you your ideal clients and followers.



Brands cannot thrive without clear imagery - without it, it’s hard to put faith into a brand. Seeing a page with professional, on brand images, helps your followers trust you and your opinions.



Having a “bank” of professional images to pull from for any type of media use is essential for time management. Having more time means more opportunity to serve your clients better, and you’ll have more time to spend doing what you love.



Focus on what you do best, and let your investment in branding produce the financial goals your business needs. Customers shop visually, not by price. Bring your brand to the top, get into your ideal market, connect with others, and make a living.


Story sessions: My process

I am not just a portrait photographer - I am a “Story Taker”. Your brand has a story to tell and I want to help you get to the core of what that story is going to be. I believe you have something special to offer the world and I’m here to support your goals, provide you with images that tell your story, and attract the people you dream about to your brand.

Together through a series of questionnaires, phone-calls, and emails, we will co-design your perfect Story Session with 3-8 stories which will accurately represent your brand and who you are. These stories will showcase exactly what you want your clients to see and add depth to your brand - attracting your ideal client.

Examples of Story Sessions can be: a family person, loves animals, a yogi, loves to cook, what you do in your day to day life as an entrepreneur, has an obsession with crystals, etc. This is all about what makes you, you!


Visual Branding Sessions


5 story session

5 Main Themes
Up to 8 hrs
70 Finished Images
Access to choose and view all photos
Freedom to Edit Photos
Full License Grant for Commercial Use

3 Story session

3 Main Themes
Up to 4 hrs
30 Finished Images
Access to choose and view all photos
Freedom to Edit Photos
Full License Grant for Commercial Use


*Story Sessions Starting at $1500 + gst*

*Sessions also available on a quarterly basis at a special rate*

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