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My own personal experience brought me to boudoir photography. For years I struggled with body-image issues and disordered eating. Even though I understood and believed that I am more than just my body - that I am a soul, it was still hard to deny the feeling of unworthiness and shame for not looking "perfect". The pressures we take on from society are ridiculous, and I am now so passionate about breaking those "rules", and instead choosing to love my body, regardless of what others may think of as being flawed.

That being said - truth is, we are all flawed and imperfect, and that's what makes us human. Our bodies allow us to live our lives and experience all the beautiful things which life is made of. We are all in this together, so let's start to celebrate and honour our uniqueness.

I want to celebrate your raw, vulnerable, powerful, brave, and sexy (yes sexy!) self. You have all of that in you & more.

I want to show you how strong and amazing you are, in all your imperfectness, and assist you in your journey towards self-love.

I'll help you feel comfortable in front of the camera by first just letting you know how the shoot is going to go. We'll put on some of your favourite music to jam to, maybe pop some prosecco or kombucha, crack a few jokes, and I'll provide some great poses where you feel super gorgeous and comfortable. You won’t have to think of a single pose - I have all of that covered.

I offer light retouching on all photos, as I know this can just be the beginning to many women's body-celebration journeys, and seeing yourself in this light can be a big thing for many! I want everyone to come out of this with a new appreciation for this amazing body and spirit inside it, and I do my best to make sure your gorgeous light shines through.

xx Pauline


Boudoir Studio in Roberts Creek now available for shoots!

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1 hr Session
Unlimited Outfit Changes
20 High Resolution Edited Images
Light Retouching

Starting at $500




2 hr Session
Unlimited Outfit Changes
60 High Resolution Edited Images
Light Retouching
8x8 “Little Black Book” with your Favourite 20 Photos

Starting at $800